Alternate Solutions for Specific Cases of Hearing Loss

If you have one ear with little or no hearing in it, your doctor may have told you that you will not benefit from a hearing aid. That can be devastating news for you if you are currently experiencing a lot of difficulty hearing from one ear, and you find yourself losing a lot of information in meetings, or in background noise due to this condition. Reality is that there is an alternative to those cases, but sometimes the doctor doesn’t mention it to you or is unaware. The following information will help clarify the way you can have your hearing improved through a non-conventional amplification.

What is a Cros or Bicros System?

This kind of system consist on two devices that externally look like two conventional hearing aids, but inside of one of the devices there is a microphone, and the other has a receiver.  The purpose of the system is to send the sound from the ear that is equipped with the microphone, to the other ear with better or normal hearing that is equipped with a receiver. This means the Cros will transmit sound and voices from your bad ear to your good ear. This system is totally Wireless.

Who is a Candidate for a Cros System?

If you are unable to hear in one ear, or the sound is distorted on that side, but you have normal hearing in the other ear, you are a candidate for a Cros system.  This system will allow you to hear the sounds from your weaker ear, into the healthy ear.  Thus, you won’t miss anything that happens around your poorer ear.

Who is a Candidate for Bicros System?

This system is similar to the above Cros system, but can benefit those who have little or no hearing in one side, and some hearing loss on the other side.  Again, this system will allow sounds closer to the poorer ear to be sent to the healthy ear that you can hear out of better.

It is not as complicated as it sounds, but your hearing care professional can help you to determine what solution fits your needs and lifestyle the best. You will be amazed how your hearing will improve, and how clear the sounds form the weaker ear will sound.

Benefits form using a Cros or Bicros System:

  •  Clearer conversations with accurate speech detection in all kinds of environments and difficult listening situations.
  •  You will not struggle anymore trying to hear sound from the weaker ear.
  • You can have wireless connectivity to your phone or your TV through the hearing aids.
  • If someone is speaking to you on the side with no hearing, the cros will send the sound to your ear with hearing.
  • They can be equipped with tinnitus relief technology.


These technologies are available in StarkeyPhonak and Widex hearing aids, and the price is more affordable than buying two conventional hearing aids,  as the cros device is not as expensive as a hearing aid.

Before you make the decision to not do anything about your hearing loss, consult your hearing care professional to learn more about these options.  

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