Audiological Evaluation

  1. A complete hearing evaluation starts with a video otoscopy to inspect the ear canal and the ear drum, to verify that there is not wax or any other element that can interfere with the hearing test reliability.
  2. There is an important evaluation of the middle ear Function called Tympanometry. In this test, the Audiologist will identify if there is any dysfunction of the eustachian tube, fluid in the ear, rupture on the eardrum, or any other abnormality that can be the origin of the hearing loss.
  3. The Hearing Test is taken in a soundproof booth, where the patient is asked to press a button at the time he or she hears a tone. This hearing test will allow the Audiologist to establish whether the hearing is within normal limits, or if there is a degree of hearing loss. Likewise, this evaluation allows the Hearing Professional to know whether the hearing loss can be reversed by a medical treatment, or the damage is irreversible, but the condition can be improved with the use of hearing aids.
  4. The Speech recognition test is an evaluation where the patient will be asked to repeat some words. This speech test is very important to establish how the brain receives and processes the speech signal. In other words, it will tell the Audiologist or Hearing Professional, how clear the patient understands the words that he or she hears. This Things evaluation can also predict in a high percentage how successful the patient will be using amplification though hearing aids, or if the patient needs a different option that will help them recognize words better.
  5. Additional tests like tinnitus evaluation can be preformed in the case that the patient has constant tinnitus or ringing in his ears. In this test, the patient will be asked to compare some tones or noises with the noise they constantly hear in the ears, and then, to identify the intensity of the tinnitus. With this evaluation, the Audiologist or Hearing Professional will decide the ways the patient can cope with the tinnitus, guiding him or her to the best option available. Furthermore, there is a counselling session that will cover the use of Apps or hearing aids with tinnitus maskers in case the patient has hearing loss along with the tinnitus.
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