2020-11-26 | Audiologist - Cristina Romero
There are reasons why your hearing aids might not be preforming to their full potential, and you should explore these reasons before making the decision to purchase new aids.

2020-10-02 | Audiologist - Cristina Romero
Times are changing and it seems that the use of a face mask is here to stay for a while. People with hearing difficulties are struggling with communication and are trying to find ways to adapt. Those with hearing difficultly sometimes depend on lip reading and facial expressions, as the brain compensates for a decrease in hearing by using visual ques. The masks and face shields are also muffling the high frequency sounds that are essential for speech clarity.

2020-01-30 | Audiologist - Cristina Romero
If you have decided to make that step to try hearing aids to improve your hearing, let me tell you that you are on the right path to recover your self confidence, by hearing and understanding speech with less effort.

2019-06-03 | Art of Hearing
Causes of hearing loss: Regular or daily exposure to loud noises is a primary cause of hearing loss. You may not notice the damage to your hearing suddenly, but over time exposure to loud noise can lead to permanent hearing loss. It is very important to protect your hearing because it plays a vital role in the day to day life of most

2019-05-23 | Art of Hearing
PRICING? Did you know that in Ontario we have a program called the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). This program provides a $500 dollar grant per hearing aid to a person with hearing loss. In total a person suffering from hearing loss in Ontario, with a valid health card, can receive $1,000 dollars in funding for a pair of hearing

2019-03-08 | Art of Hearing
If you have one ear with little or no hearing in it, your doctor may have told you that you will not benefit from a hearing aid. That can be devastating news for you if you are currently experiencing a lot of difficulty hearing from one ear, and you find yourself losing a lot of information in meetings, or in background noise due this condition

2019-01-28 | Art of Hearing
Here are a few tips to better communicate with someone with hearing loss. 1. Try facing the person when you are speaking to them. People with hearing loss often "use their eyes to hear better". This means that they are lip reading to compensate for their hearing loss. 2. Do you find yourself repeating the same phrase several times before

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