Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Your hearing aids are a major investment that should last around 4 to 6 years. However, sometimes small issues can occuralthough you are taking good care of them. It could be as simple as the hearing aid is obstructed by wax, or the battery door might be loose, or any other issue.

The hearing care professional will investigate the cause of the problem, and in some cases, the hearing aid can be fixed at the office, while other times, it will have to be sent to the manufacturer for few days.

At ART OF HEARING, we always suggest having your hearing aids cleaned at the office at least once every six months, thus prolonging the life of the hearing aids by taking good care of them. Even changing the wax guards often, debris, wax or moisture can go into the microphones or inside the receivers (Tubes from the hearing aid to the ear), making the sound softer, or unclear.

At the office, we have a special equipment to clean and dry the hearing aids properly. A goodprofessional cleaning makes a big difference in the sound quality.

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