Tips For Better Communication With Someone With Hearing Loss

Here are a few tips to better communicate with someone with hearing loss.

1. Try facing the person when you are speaking to them. People with hearing loss often "use their eyes to hear better". This means that they are lip reading to compensate for their hearing loss.

2. Do you find yourself repeating the same phrase several times before they hear you? Try rephrasing instead of repeating the same phrase over and over again. They may be having trouble hearing certain sounds. Rephrasing helps the brain recognize the sounds better.

3. Kindly suggest that they should have their hearing tested. A lot of the time they may already know they have a hearing problem, but they don't want to admit it. The person no longer wants to attend to social events or engage in conversations because they feel embarrassed that they can't hear properly and feel others get frustrated with them. Unfortunately this can lead to depression and anxiety. Getting hearing aids will change their life for the better. 

It is important to remember that age is just one factor of hearing loss, there are many people under the age 65 who suffer from hearing loss and haven't done anything about it.

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