Valuable Information About Hearing Aids:


  • Did you know that in Ontario we have a program called the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). This program provides a $500 dollar grant per hearing aid to a person with hearing loss. In total a person suffering from hearing loss in Ontario, with a valid health card, can receive $1,000 dollars in funding for a pair of hearing aids.
  • In some cases of special needs, like having amplification on one side and a Cros Transmitter on the other side, the Government grant is $500.00 for the hearing aid, but the transmitter is not eligible for the grant. However, the Cros Transmitter is not as expensive as a regular hearing aid. 
  • Also, keep in mind that some clinics offer financing options to make purchasing hearing aids more affordable.


There are different technologies available to fit your budget and needs. The price of a hearing aid doesn’t change due to the change in the size of the hearing aid. The real difference is the sound quality. 

  • Premium Technology: It delivers a superior sound quality in difficult situations like outdoor activities, large meeting rooms, crowded restaurants or listening to music. It is recommended for very active people who are involved in daily challenging environments. It is also recommended for everybody who wants to obtain the best benefits form hearing aids.
  • Advanced Technology: A very good hearing aid that delivers good sound quality in most environments, including noisy restaurants, meetings, TV, and group conversations. This technology is recommended for people who need to improve hearing in noisy places, wants to hear the TV and phone clearly.
  • Basic Technology: These kind of hearing aids are ideal for people who are involved in quiet situations most of the time, conversations in a small group of people, watching TV at home, or need to hear better on the phone. This hearing aids are more affordable, and yet they deliver a pleasant amplification in the above environments. 
  • If you are looking for sophisticated technology that offers more than just excellent amplification, there are some brands that have integrated Bluetooth connectivity to the hearing aids, body and brain activity tracking, translation of 30 different languages, and more. 


  • Although hearing aid prices can seem expensive, the expectancy life of hearing aids is between 4 to 6 years. Which in turn is a small price to pay yearly to be able to engage more in conversation and the world around you through better hearing. The great news is that even if your hearing loss changes, the same hearing aids can be readapted to your level of hearing loss and specific needs.
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