Ear Protection - Ear Plugs

Hearing conservation is very important from an early age. Nowadays, young generations are exposed to loud recreational noises more often than years ago. Loud music, using headphones at a loud volume, or doing activities such as going to the movie theater often can create a risk of early hearing damage.

Another common reason for hearing loss induced by loud noise occurs at manufacturers that work with machinery that over pass 85 dB in a closed environment. The accumulation of the exposure to the loud noise can create irreversible hearing loss that only could be improved using hearing aids.

To prevent damaging your hearing, there is a variety of ear protection that can be worn in those situations.

There are specific custom plugs for musicians; To enjoy music but reducing certain loud frequencies that can be harmful to your hearing. These ear protectors come with filters (9-17 or 25dB of attenuation) that you can select depending on how much you would like to reduce the sound.

Swim plugs: For children who need them for swimming classes, or if they have had tubes in their ears. Children and adults prone to ear infections use them to prevent water from entering the ear canal.

Noise breakers: For those who want maximum protection from harmful loud noises at work.

Sleep Plugs: Excellent to reduce the unwanted noises while sleeping.

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