Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Getting your hearing aids should be an exciting moment. Get ready to start having new sound experiences but be aware that if this is your first time wearing hearing aids, it might take few days for you to get used to the new sounds around you.

During the Fitting session, the Hearing Professional will set up the hearing aids for your hearing loss following the best practice protocol, and will guide you throughout the whole process with care until you get familiar with the hearing aids. This includes customization of sound and real ear measurement (REM) to ensure the hearing aids are preforming to the best of their ability.

During this visit, that last about 45 minutes to an hour for new users, the Audiologist will show you:


How to insert the hearing aids properly


How to keep them clean


How to charge them if they have rechargeable batteries


How to replace the battery (non-rechargeable)


How to distinguish left and right


How to connect your hearing aids to your cellphone and use applications through bluetooth connectivity.


How to solve minor issues that you might have due to wax or moisture.


Another appointment for follow up and fine-tuning will be booked in a week or two.

During the trial period, the Audiologist will see you for a minnium of two follow-up appointments or more as needed. During these visits we make sure everything is going well, that you are wearing them at least 4 to 5 hours a day or more, and the most important part, small adjustments can be done, customizing the hearing aids settings to your unique needs, to get the most benefits from the hearing aids.

If possible, bring a companion to the fitting appointment, because it is important to be comfortable with a familiar voice. Also, remember that a positive attitude is the key for success in this process. Have patience while your brain adapts to hearing sound in a more normal and clear level again. Positive thinking makes it easier to get used to the hearing aids quicker. 

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