Hearing Aid Selection

Selecting the right hearing aid for you or your loved ones is the most important step to have a successful experience with hearing amplification.

The selection process consists of:

  1. A clear explanation of the hearing test result. The Audiologist will tell you the degree of loss, what frequencies are affected the most, and if there is a possible medical treatment or the damage is permanent, and you would benefit from the use hearing aids.
  2. The hearing professional will ask you few questions about your lifestyle. These questions will help to establish what kind of features you need on the hearing aids.
  3. Hearing aids come mainly in three different technologies (Premium, Advance and Basic). The Audiologist will explain the differences among them and will help you select the technology that fits your expectations and your budget.
  4. When selecting the different Styles of hearing aids, it is important to consider if there is any dexterity issues, vision problems, or physical characteristics of the ear, for instance, if there is a narrow ear canal that can make difficult to insert the hearing aid properly.
  5. In the last step of the process, the Hearing Professional will give you a live Demonstration, where you will experience the benefits of the right amplification for your specific case.
  6. After discussing all the above steps, the Hearing Professional will give you the price of each technology. At this point, you’ll already have broad knowledge to decide with the Hearing Professional, which hearing aid will be best for you, based not just on the price but also on all the other aspects that are relevant to selection.

Hearing aids can change your life when they are carefully selected and adapted by a Hearing Professional. A poor selection of a hearing aid can be a frustrating experience, and you can end losing money, time and patience.

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