Signs of hearing loss in adults

Signs of Hearing Loss:

 Unfortunately, some people do not notice their hearing loss in early stages because their brain starts compensating for the loss with visual cues. Thus, when the person is having trouble hearing words properly and the compensation reaction is to look at the face of the person who is talking to read their lips. The sound loses clarity once the person who is talking walks away and the words become muffled. The following are important signs that are an alert for possible hearing loss:

  • Increasing the volume on the TV or radio
  • Difficulty hearing people that used to sound clearer and louder
  • Difficulty understanding conversations on the phone
  • Asking people to speak slowly or louder to understand better
  • Stop enjoying activities like singing, playing cards, going to restaurants or to the movies because the noise around makes it difficult to hear well.
  • Difficulty hearing some consonants
  • Feeling left out because it is hard to keep a conversation.
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