Treating hearing loss

The treatment of the hearing loss depends of the cause of the problem and the specific part of the ear that has been affected.

In the case that the hearing loss is due to build up wax in the ear canal, middle ear infection (fluid), an ear drum perforation, congenital conditions, or an Otosclerosis (abnormal movement of the middle ear bones due to fixation of the stapedius), the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist will suggest a medical treatment that in many cases will recover your hearing, if not totally, at least partially.

In the case that the hearing loss is originated in the inner ear, the situation is different. Hearing loss due to noise exposure, Meniere Disease, congenital conditions, presbycusis (age related), sudden hearing loss, among other alteration in the inner ear (Cochlea or auditive nerve), are most of the time irreversible, but can be helped with the use of Hearing aids.

What happens during your first visit?

During the first visit, you will be asked to complete a short history related to your hearing health. This information is important because it allows the hearing professional to learn about what concerns you are having, or about any symptoms or difficulties you are having due to a condition affecting your hearing health. After you finish the form, the Audiologist or Hearing Care Professional will take you to the room to conduct an Audiological evaluation. LEARN MORE

The first visit will help you better understand your hearing situation and will also help you in making decisions if you do need hearing aids. Furthermore, you may have a hearing aid demonstration at the clinic, so you can hear the difference when you have the right amplification for your hearing loss.

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