There are reasons why your hearing aids might not be performing to their full potential, and you should explore these reasons before making the decision to purchase new aids.

1. Your ears might need to be cleaned.

Remember that anytime you insert the hearing aid into your ear, you are pushing the wax (if any)

deeper into the ear canal. The ears of hearing aid users tend to produce more earwax because the ear is trying to keep foreign bodies from entering the ear canal. Your family doctor, or in many cases your Hearing care professional can clean them for you.

2. Your hearing loss has changed since your last hearing test and programming of your hearing aids.

It is important to have your hearing tested annually to see if your hearing has changed. The hearing professional will do a test, and if your hearing has changed, they will program your hearing aids to the current hearing test. This can make a big difference because using hearing aids that are not programmed to your current hearing loss, is like wearing eyeglasses with an old prescription.

3. Your hearing aids need to be professionally cleaned.

You should get your hearing aids cleaned by an Audiologist or Hearing care

professional at least twice a year. Dust, debris, wax, or moisture in the microphones or

in the receivers can distort or muffle the sound making it more difficult to hear well. The hearing

professional can clean your hearing aids with a special equipment that clean all the little holes and gets rid of any moisture in the hearing aids interior. This regular hearing aid maintenance will extend the

life of your hearing aids and will make them to preform their best.

4. A minor repair can make a difference.

Sometimes a minor hearing aid repair is all you need to get you hearing better. Fixing a broken earmold or replacing a tube or receiver can make all the difference. These are in-house repairs that can be done by your Audiologist or Hearing care professional.

As you can now see, after you visit a Hearing clinic you can experience a whole new sound

through the hearing aids you have. However, if what you are looking for is to have better or

more updated technology, the Audiologist of Hearing Care professional will guide you to

select the best options for you.