It is no surprise that some hearing aid users feel frustrated after they purchase hearing aids. This can be because they purchased the wrong technology or because there is sometimes little or no aftercare. They might get discouraged and start to dislike the hearing aids and think that they just don’t work for them.  People new to hearing aids wouldn’t know that there is more to it then just buying them, and putting them in. You must pick the right technology for your unique needs and after you work with a hearing professional for as many appointments as you need, to get the hearing aids adjusted specifically to your needs. So, although most may not know, the process of getting hearing aids involves much more than just getting the best price.   

Hearing is a vital part of our overall health and hearing aids are important medical devices used to treat those diagnosed with hearing loss. Hearing difficulty can really affect a person who decides not to treat it, one major effect is on the brain.  It can also cause low self esteem, loneliness, depression, anxiety among other many negative effects.  But what happens when the person decides to take a step forward and try a solution for their hearing difficulty? It can be life changing in an amazing way, but if you don’t do your research or let the professional know your expectations with the hearing aids, you can end up disappointed. 

Nowadays there are many advertisements promoting hearing aids for very low prices. The ads promise to be the best option for people with hearing loss for a cheap cost.  However, before you are tempted to get into that game, get informed and understand everything involved in taking good professional care of your hearing. 

A hearing aid is much more than only an amplifier of sound, it involves a whole process and if it is done well, the benefits are very rewarding.   The process includes all the following steps:  

  •  A complete hearing test to know the degree and the cause of hearing loss, and how much your brain recognizes the words.  (Not just how much we hear, but how much we understand)
  • A whole explanation of the findings so you can understand what sounds and frequencies you are missing and how that affects the way a hearing aid can be set up for your needs.
  • Information about the best possible solutions, so you understand why there are different technologies and prices.  
  • You also need to know what is involved in the price: warranties, and first and foremost, aftercare services that will give you adjustments, hearing aid care, supplies, and optional accessories.

Let’s imagine if you receive a box in the mail with a pair of hearing aids, and you need to figure out how to operate, maintain and adjust them online all by yourself, if that is even offered in the package.  You might find issues like the hearing aids don’t fit properly, you don’t know how deep they can fit inside your ear, or after you finally get it in your ear the feedback or whistle sound starts bothering you. You also need to be aware that the cleaning and care is a very important part of the maintenance of the hearing aids.  Wax or debris can easily plug the hearing aids speaker and microphones which can result in muffled or soft sound. Other issues are if you put them in and you hear louder, but background noise is also loud and distracting, the sound is too sharp, you can’t hear high frequency sounds or simply you find your own voice loud and annoying. This is where you need to consider the help of a professional.  Those issues can become a frustrating path if you are alone in the process. 

Hearing is an important part of your health and if you seriously want to improve your hearing, be well informed about your options, understand that when you consider the price, you should also consider the aftercare by a professional. Keep in mind that the life span of a hearing aid is about 5 years, so you are investing in long term benefits, or frustrations, if you make an uninformed decision.  Each case is different, the hearing loss can differ from one ear to the other, the word recognition in the brain could be weak or strong, and that makes a whole difference in the expectations when you use hearing aids.  In the end, once you make a proper educated decision, be excited, because hearing well can change your life!